F4, Savannah, PAKA, FEMALE


Maya is young,  She is a typical F1... full of energy, bright, determined, and follows me everywhere.

F4, dob 7/2015


Lulu is a first-time mother and is really loving her babies.  She is very good natured and  lovable.  


​​​F5, dob 1/2011


​F1, dob 3/17/2010

F 1, dob 2/2/2017


Judy Tarkington

Redding, CA  96003

530.222.3993 / 530.515.6044

​​Jhezri's and Bennie's babies 

Jhezri is the best mom I have ever seen.  Her sweet babies love her dearly.  She and Bennie have given me two beautiful, healthy litters.  She and Ziggie have had two beautiful, healthy litters.  She is retired now and loving her forever home.  



Alex is a very typey and quite beautiful Savannah Cat.   I am hoping to have a nice F2 litter from her in the future.